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Superhuman Fuel: 3 Rules For A Game-Winning Performance!

Superhuman Fuel: 3 Rules For A Game-Winning Performance!

Three nutritional rules from 2021 Superhuman Games Open champions, Farren & Jack, to make sure your competition fuel is on point on game day!

If you are an athlete, competing in any competition or a soldier getting ready to smash a military test, you should stick to these 3 goals when it comes to game day:

1. Do what you've practiced - Don't try anything new on competition day. Prepare, rehearse, anticipate.

2. Supply the body with energy for the competition - So eat small, easily digested foods frequently throughout the day. Ensure that these meals contain proteins, fats, and more importantly - quality carbohydrates. And eat familiar foods that you know and trust. We had cyclic dextrin before and after each event on the day.

3. Avoid foods that make you uncomfortable - You'll be hyper stimulated on competition day. Which makes it harder to take down larger meals or foods that digest slowly. During your practice runs, experiment with different foods until you find a routine that works well for you. We stuck with Grenade Carb Killa bars and Shakes throughout the whole day and we felt great!

by Farren & Jack

The Tactical Athlete

Instagram: @farrenmorgan_coaching

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