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Part 2: Single Kettlebell Training For The Superhuman Games

Part 2: Single Kettlebell Training For The Superhuman Games

Here is part 2 of last week's blog, all focused around training for the Superhuman Games with just a single kettlebell!

Tire Flips

It might seem impossible to improve your ability to perform the tire flip without having access to a tire, however, you can certainly improve and strengthen the movement patterns needed to make this exercise more achievable. Strengthening the posterior chain, improving your squat and grip strength are all areas that will help make the tire flip more manageable for you.

Below are a few movements I would advise you to focus on and a workout that will help create a similar stimulus to the tire flip workouts you will encounter at The Superhuman Games

Kettlebell Two Handed Squat Cleans - If you have access to a heavy single kettlebell you can perform a two handed, single kettlebell squat clean, ripping the bell off the floor and catching it deep in your squat before driving to a standing position to complete the rep! It is one of the most primal and functional movements known to man and a perfect strength builder for the tire flip.

If you do not have a heavy single bell, you could perform a dual kettlebell squat clean in the same manner, this variation adds increased difficulty as you fight through the core to stabilize both bells.

Single Arm Kettlebell Cleans - Similar to how we took the headcutter to the single arm clean and press in the GTOH, we do the same with squat cleans and single arm cleans, it’s easy to understand that a single arm clean is going to require more power that a two handed clean making this an obvious progression, the hip flexion and extension, the power through the hamstrings and the big pull all make this a perfect movement when looking to improve your ability to flip that tire.

Hike Swings- The hike swing is an awesome movement to train power production from a dead stop position, you will start with the bell on the floor at arms length away with all your weight back through the glutes and hamstrings and from there let your weight pull the bell towards your hips as you explosively extend into the swing! It's a beautiful movement and one that can really help build the posterior power needed for the tire flip!


5 rounds - 3 min AMRAP of:

4 KB Alt Arm Cleans 6 Burpees 8 Air Squats

1 min rest after each round

Loaded Carries

When we talk about functional movements its hard to see anything being more functional than carrying load, it's something we do everyday from carrying your rucksack, your shopping, your children, its one of the most common and overlooked movements we perform in everyday life. Loaded carries have the ability to help us build robustness like no other movement, moving with weight helps to build joint strength and durability, building a body that is capable of withstanding more stress & impact. This is vital to being successful at events like The Superhuman Games as you will have to withstand punishing workout after punishing workout with little recovery.

You don't need a lot of space to get this done, 30m can become 6x5m shuttles, work with what you've got to get what you need!

KB Goblet Carry - This is my favourite of all the loaded carries, the position of the weight makes this a strong carry allowing you to carry decent weight over good distance, the bracing through the core and upper back also makes this a serious total body movement.

KB Overhead CannonBall Carry - This movement increases the difficulty of the carry by extending the weight overhead increasing the shoulder and core stability needed to perform the movement.

KB Goblet Duck Walk (Limited weight option) - The goblet duck walk is a great alternative if you only have light weights available to you, holding the bell in the goblet position while performing the duck walk enables you to achieve the same stimulus while really challenging the core and lower body endurance.


15 min AMRAP of:

3 Down Ups 6 KB Thrusters 12 KB Deadlifts 30m KB Goblet Carry

I hope you take some actionable information away from this article that helps you on game day, remember that as long as you’ve got a kettlebell handy you have no reason to miss a workout.

If you would like to know how you can get more out of single kettlebell training head over to and check out the ebook programs within the store.

Thank you and good luck!


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