Superhuman Games

Part 1: Single Kettlebell Training For The Superhuman Games

Part 1: Single Kettlebell Training For The Superhuman Games

How to get Superhuman Games ready with just 1 kettlebell!

You may think that training for The Superhuman Games without access to tires, kegs, atlas balls and an arsenal of heavy, unconventional kit is pointless. I mean how could you possibly achieve the same stimulus with just a kettlebell?

This is the question that I am here to answer, You see the kettlebell is a versatile tool with a plethora of benefits, the thing I love most about the kettlebell is the way it demands more work from your body, you don't have to keep setting the bell down to change grips for different movements, you can transition seamlessly between positions without the need to stop working.This is one of the most important benefits when we talk about using the kettlebell for the purposes of The Superhuman Games.

You’re going to have to work for up to 20 minutes for each event at the Games, meaning your work capacity is going to be tested to breaking point.

  • Can you produce rep after rep for 20 minutes?
  • Can you maintain form and posture as fatigue builds?
  • Can you recover quickly enough to enable you to do it all over again?

These are the questions the workouts will ask of you and if you haven't put the work in prior to the event then you will realise just how long 20 minutes can actually be.

Lets get stuck into how you can prepare your body for Superhuman Savagery with a single kettlebell, this gives you no excuse to miss a workout whether you train at home, at the office, in your prison long as you've got space to swing the bell we can get you Superhuman ready.

The Movements

There are a few key movements that you need to prepare your body for, some of these movements may include specialist pieces of kit but in this article we are going to break each one down into the key patterns that we can work on to help improve our overall functionality for these bigger movements.

All of the movements and workouts below can be completed using nothing but a single kettlebell and your own body, because of this they are perfect for in or out of the gym, home, office or on holiday.

The graft doesn't have to stop if you have a kettlebell and the determination to use it!

GTOH (Ground to Overhead)

One of the most primal and functional movements known to man, picking a load up off of the floor and pressing it as compound as compound gets. But with big, multi joint movements comes an increased risk of injury, which is why it is vital that we train our bodies to withstand the impact that comes with these movements.

Kettlebells offer a number of options for the ground to overhead movement depending on the weights you have available to you.

Let’s look at movements we can do to improve your GTOH!

Dead Headcutters - Taking the bell from the ground using your deadlift, into an explosive clean to a goblet position finishing with a push press locking the bell over head. This is a ground to overhead with form, it helps us to utilise the bigger muscles in and around the hips and legs to get the bell up and overhead.

Single Arm Clean and Press - A progression on the dead headcutter is the single arm clean and press, taking the same movement pattern and making it a unilateral movement not only increases the challenge but also brings with it some added core and shoulder stability work. This is all perfect for taking on events like the Superhuman Games as strong and durable bodies can handle more pressure.

Snatches - Your third option is the snatch! The most powerful and savage of all the movements listed in this article! I love the raw power of the snatch and the feeling of ripping a weight off the floor and throwing it over your head! It brings out the caveman inside of me. If you're strong in the snatch it can be a good option to help rep out those GTOH in quick time, it’s just worth remembering that with speed comes increased fatigue so manage your intensity here for the longer movements.


10-20-30-40-50 reps KB Alt Arm Snatch

*After each round 10 Burpees over KB, 30 Air Squats

I hope you take some actionable information away from this article that helps you on game day, remember that as long as you’ve got a kettlebell handy you have no reason to miss a workout.

If you would like to know how you can get more out of single kettlebell training head over to and check out the ebook programs within the store.

Thank you and good luck!


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